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 +====== GeOz Profiling ======
 +The GeOz programming aims to integrate Gecode as the constraint service provider for Mozart. Currently, there is a testing, feature complete, version of this project. However it is necessary to perform an exhaustive analysis on its design to detect possible improvements that leads to better running times or less memory usage.
 +This projects integrates both theoretical and practical aspects. Theoretical ones are because Mozart is an implementation of a formal language, and language and implementation coherence is a must. Practical aspects are because as an implementation it must be efficient in time and memory consumption. 
 +Some of the curriculum courses gave you basics and insights on the topics you will deal with. Those courses are:
 +  * Compilers
 +  * Algorithm complexity
 +  * Concurrency
 +Have attended to those courses is not a must but recommended. If you are interested in this project or need more detailed information please write to the avispa mailing list.
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