An implementation of the OSC protocol for the Mozart language.


This is a multiplatform implementation of the Open Sound Control(OSC) 1.0 protocol for the programming language Mozart/Oz 1.4. It is intended to provide packing and unpacking functionality for OSC packets, the transport functionality is left out due to flexibility reasons(in Oz it is easy to use sockets, see the test samples). Currently it offers packaging of bundles, nested bundles, messages, absolute and relative time tags and arguments of type:

  • Int32
  • Float
  • String
  • Blob(automatically droping them in files)

We provide binaries for every platform(Mac, Win and Linux) and source code with the platform's respective makefile if the need to build arises. See the test samples on how to use and load the binaries.


You can download the source code as well as the compiled binaries for Mac OsX, Windows and Linux here

Usage, Compilation, Examples and Documentation

The folder bin has the precompiled binaries for every platform, you can use them by indicating in your Oz program the following:

import OSC at 'osc-oz.so{native}'
. . .
. . .

If you wish to compile it from source, in the folder src you can build it with the appropiate makefile for your platform:

make -f Makefile.your_platform ALL

You can also find examples in the folder src/test, they both send and receive OSC messages of different kinds and handle different arguments.

For more detailed information on every OSC function provided please see documentation.pdf.

Minuit protocol

The folder minuit contains an Oz implementation of the Minuit protocol made by the virage team, this protocol is based on OSC therefore it uses the implementation made in this project. The precompiled Oz module for direct usage is located in folder bin as minuit.ozf. For documentation, client/server examples and source code of this protocol please refer to the minuit folder.

Credits and Comments

Credits go to the C++ implementation of OSC OSCpack made by Ross Bencina on which this implemetation is based. Any comments, bug reports and/or author contact can be made to avispa@googlegroups.com.

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